The Spirit brand was founded in 2011 by a young, innovative entrepreneur who at the time resided in the United Kingdom with the idea of bringing advanced methodology to his homeland in Cape Town, South Africa

With a passion for business, he started investigating the motorcycle industry with a particular interest in motorcycle helmets. After meticulous research and extensive international travels, his choice was to pursue the helmet industry. With a large financial outlay, the Spirit brand was trademarked and brought into production with the main purpose of producing quality affordable products for the motorcycle industry.

The Spirit brand had taken the market by storm with a variety of products designed and developed in South Africa and within a few years, more than 80% of South Africa’s retail stores were stocking the Spirit brand, which was followed shortly by neighboring countries importing the brand as well.

The exclusively trademarked Spirit products undergo the most rigorous testing procedures which surpass the internationally recognized safety standards with the help of the latest technology in the sporting goods industry. As a result, we have developed many new and exciting products for your use and we are proud to say we have the highest levels of customer satisfaction.

Our ultimate goal is to spread our wings and lead the South African Spirit Brand internationally to create a proudly South African foot print within the motorcycle industry around the globe.